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Hot Toy Trends in 2014 - Which Top Toys Will Be Selling This Year?

It is hard to predict consumer buying habits months in advance, but in the toy industry those habits are often greatly influenced by the products that are produced and the marketing that goes along with them. Therefore the toy manufacturers themselves drive the trends that consumers ultimately follow. Of course there are other factors such as word of mouth and viralism that turn otherwise average toys into blockbusters, and vice versa. But to get a view of the year to come it does not take rocket science to simply review what the toy manufacturers themselves are saying.
The zombie theme in the entertainment industry has been growing for years now. Both movies and television shows, most recently The Walking Dead, have propelled zombies past vampires in popularity. Horror-related movies and shows also feed into this subculture. So it is no surprise that zombie-related toys are going to be big sellers this year.
The toys in this category will include zombie-related variations and accessories of existing toy lines (e.g. dolls), and also games and toys geared directly to this category.
Retro Toys
It seems that parents are always looking back to the toys and games of their younger years. They hate seeing the old favorites disappear, never to be seen again. They also don't care for the high-tech nature of today's toys and want to capture some of the low-tech goodness of days gone past. Children these days are often obsessed with their digital gadgets and computers, and parents want to interrupt that obsession by exposing them to toys and games that promote education, creativity, and simple fun.
In this category look for old-school family games to make a return, as well as low-tech classic toys that promote classic play patterns.
Remote Control
RC toys are going to grow into a huge toy segment in coming years. In years past simple RC toys always held their own in the toy world, but today's (and tomorrow's) more advanced RC gadgets such as quadcopters offer a different kind of fun that involves more than just driving a small car up and down the driveway. Many parents are more tech savvy these days, and they also will want to explore this new generation of toys.
In addition existing RC toys are becoming enhanced with added features such as shooting projectiles.
Big, Big, Big
Bigger is better, right. Apparently that goes the same for toys. Another toy trend this year is the super-sizing of everything from plush toys to RC toys to building sets. This trend is seen to offset the micro-sizing of many toys in recent years.
Finally, many toys will feature customization features this year. For example action figures will have options to swap out accessories, move and remove limbs, as well as different colors. This is in an effort to leverage the ever-increasing desire for children to have more control over their play experience (and therefore have more FUN), as well as parents wanting to replace passive play with more (inter)active play. Children's imagination is enhanced by giving them an avenue to turn that imagination into action.
In conclusion keep your eye on what you find in the toy stores this year. The toy companies have specific changes that you may want to take advantage of.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Best Toy Story Costumes For Halloween

Everybody loves a cowboy. So brave, wild, and free, they spend their time with all the galloping horses and campfires and frontier life. Cowboys are always on the range and using the cool looking rope lasso. One of the movies that had a great cowboy character was Toy Story. The Woody costume is one of the best Toy Story costumes for Halloween this year.
Toy Story was a very popular movie and for this reason, any child would love to portray Woody. Woody is also available in an adult size. The Woody Costume is a jumpsuit that has blue pants and a yellow top. Also visible is the black and white vest with the sheriff star. There is a brown belt with a large buckle in the front. A red neck kerchief and brown cowboy boots and hat complete the look.
There are various styles for this costume. Also, several popular sizes are in stock. The costumes are well cut for durability and with proper care will be long lasting. Remember, Halloween is a long night with a great deal of walking, dancing and socializing so comfort is a major factor. All costumes are created to be perfectly comfortable and easily able to support a great deal of movement. Also, the Toy Story costumes are reasonably priced in order to be achievable possibilities for any budget.
A very important thing to consider when obtaining a Halloween costume is the kind of time you want to have while wearing it. Fun is the most important element. You really want to choose a costume that is attractive but also that will just be so much fun to wear.
Get a costume that everyone will love but that will also put you in the great mood of telling jokes and laughing and truly enjoying your Halloween. People will want to take pictures with you because you will look so great, but the most important thing is that you will be happy in it. You want to have a blast this year.
These are some reasons to choose a Toy Story costume. Think of the fun of pretending to ride horses while wearing the brown cowboy boots and the broad brimmed cowboy hat. It is easy to see that the Woody costume is great looking and popular. It will be a double blast because not only is Woody a cool cowboy, but he is the sheriff as well, making a Toy Story costume the best choice for Halloween this year.
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Toy Story Halloween Costumes That Will Surely Add Fun and Excitement This Halloween

Halloween is regarded as the festival of costumes. During the past years, people were only up to the scary outfits. But now, they don't just stick to that. Instead, they find a way to impress the guests in the party. Some prefer to dress sexy costumes while others want to add fun by wearing funny costumes. Just recently, the movie Toy Story has become a talk around the globe. And maybe that is the reason why the film has its own sequels. But aside from the excellent story plot, people also recognized the outfits of the characters. Toy story is about live toys playing and communicating with each other. Each of the character has its own story to tell. This Halloween season, why not take these live toys to the party by wearing one of Toy Story Halloween costumes? Well, that's such a great idea!
In the original movie, there are only a few characters. But as time goes by, The Toy Story family is getting bigger and bigger. In the latest episode the Barbie and Ken toys are added. And from the full-packed adventure, the story introduces romance. Just like in real life, the film teaches us growing up and taking a step for a better change. Unfortunately, the Barbie and Ken costumes are not yet available. But there's no need to feel sad. It's because there is a wide selection of Toy Story costumes for this year's Halloween celebration.
Who would not recognize Woody Pride? The wood cowboy doll who often wears a hat a gun holster? If you are a guy and happened to be confused with what you are going to wear during the party, you can dress like Woody and represent your pride in front of the guests. The outfit comes in plus-size dresses with matching pants, shirt and belt. But if your son wants to play Woody then, you should give him what he desires. Woody costumes are available in various sizes, styles and colors. You can opt to add extras to make the outfit more realistic including, wrist bands and fake horse. But if you're looking for a science fiction character, Buzz Lightyear outfit is the best choice.
The costume comes in a full-body jumpsuit with matching gears, jet pack and hood. The hood will serve us Buzz's head though there are costumes that are designed with head pieces. Let the space adventure begin by wearing this cool outfit! For girls who've been also fascinated with the movie, Jesse is probably the outfit that you're looking for. Well, being a cowgirl this Halloween is fun and fashionable. While most girls want to dress like princess, you can opt for such a rare collector's item like this. Other costumes available include Hamm, Green Army, Rex Sarge, Slinky, Etch, Mr. Spell and many more.
Toy Story Halloween costumes are no doubt one of the hottest picks this 2010. Don't get left behind. Grab these costumes while they're still available. Remember, Halloween is just a few days from now. It may be wise to invest earlier. Have fun this Halloween season!
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Must-Have Toy Story Halloween Costumes For Children

Toy Story was one of the Pixar's masterpieces along with "Finding Nemo" and "Monsters Inc". Among several movies being launched on the silver screen, this is no doubt the best children's movie of all time. From movies and story books, Toy Story has been also used as theme during Halloween parties. As you know, every child is dreaming to bring home their favorite toy character. If that's the case, why not dress your child with one of these Toy Story Halloween costumes?
Most kids idolized characters in the movie. If they enjoy watching, they will sure be proud wearing a costume exactly like their favorite characters. Halloween is the time of the year where children are about to attend costume parties, to collect sweets, candies and to do other treat or treat activities. Typically, this is also the time where people dress themselves with the scariest costumes they have.
As we all know, babies and toddlers are often afraid to scary costumes. Instead of buying one for your child, you can buy any of these Halloween costumes that will surely fit on your child's taste. Although, Toy Story Halloween costumes have just released these costumes, many online shops are now showcasing several items. Come and have a look for the options available.
Sheriff Woody Costumes
Every little boy fantasized to become a cowboy like Woody. And dressing him with Woody Halloween costume is like a dream comes true for him. As you witnessed in the movie, this costume appears to be on the exact same. Woody costume consists of one piece jumpsuit with an attached gun holster and vest on it. There are also accessories added up you buy the item such as bandana, boot protectors, Stetson and a hat.
Buzz Lightyear Costumes
Buzz Lighter costume is one of the most popular pick of 2010. Let your child use his imagination wearing this high-tech space suit. Similar to Woody costumes, this one also comes with a one piece jumpsuit. How excited it would be to see him walking down the street for the treat or treat. The jumpsuit has an attached wood that will truly signify the Buzz look.
It's easy to select among primary characters in the story. If have many kids then you can have them all as you wish. However, it doesn't mean we should forget the secondary characters when choosing Halloween costumes. Aside from Woody and Buzz, you can also pick other Toy Story Halloween costumes available including:
* Bo Beep
* Mr. Potato head
* Hamm
* Sarge (the leader of the green army soldiers)
* Jessie
Toys Story Halloween costumes are washable because most of them are made from polyester. On the other hand, the footwear is optional as you can choose to buy or to pair it with the shoe or boots your child has. When it comes to safety, you can rest assure these costumes will not bring any harm to your child. Besides, you can also save your time and money making your own costume.
Grab the opportunity to dress your child with his favorite Toy Story character. Go ahead and start picking the Toy Story Halloween costume you think the best.
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The G Scale Model Train - Big Toys For the Big Boys

Trains are not just toys for kids, especially now in a time where the hobby of collecting model railroads (or more popularly known as locomotives) are on the rise to become one of the world's oldest and most popular hobbies. The G scale locomotive, a large kind of locomotive, is gaining popularity as it is literally a big toy for a big boy.
Why are G scale trains so popular to hobbyists? G scale trains are popular for its large size (it is the largest of the most popular scales). The G scale is a part of the group of large scale trains which all run on a Number 1 gauge track (45 mm between rails). These model locomotives are calculated by the ratio of the toy train to a real train. The G scale locomotive boasts a ratio of 1:22 which means it is one twenty-second of the size of an actual train prototype. This means that it only takes 22 G scale locomotives lined up to match the prototype in length.
There are other popular types of large miniature trains. The O scale (still a part of the large train group) has a ratio of 1:48, lower than that of the G scale (actually half the size of the G scale). However, almost nothing can match the G scale locomotives in size. These locomotives are extremely large compared to regular toy trains.
G in the term G scale is believed to come from the term Garden Railroading. It can also be because of the German word groß. Groß literally means large which is appropriate in view of the fact that these models started out in Germany. These models are about 26.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in height.
The first G scale locomotive was pioneered by Ernst Paul Lehmann. Patentwerk, a German company, referred to as Lehmann Gross Bahn (Lehmann Big Train in English) was founded on this type of train. Patentwerk started out in 1881. The company then branched out to the USA where LGB of America was founded. Aristocraft and Bachmann are only some of the well-known manufacturers of G scales in America.
G scale locomotives are also perfect for children since small trains are not suitable for kids. These trains are easily broken due to their small size. With their small parts and potential choking hazards, these trains aren't kid's toys. The N scale is only about 4.8 inches in length and about 1.1 inches in height, thus making it a small train unfit for kid use.
G scale locomotives are recommended for outdoor types of hobbyists. Since G scale trains are very durable and are suitable for gardens. The G scale tracks are usually brass-made so these types of trains do not need to be maintained a lot. Sometimes, a solitary swab of clean cloth on the tracks is all you need to keep it clean. These big locomotives are popular in the market nowadays due to the fact that they are very durable, thus making them last for a long, long period of time and can be handed down to different generations.
The hobby of collecting miniature locomotives is a good way to release the inner child in you. Especially with the G scale model train, it is truly a big toy for the big boys.
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