Thursday, October 23, 2014

The G Scale Model Train - Big Toys For the Big Boys

Trains are not just toys for kids, especially now in a time where the hobby of collecting model railroads (or more popularly known as locomotives) are on the rise to become one of the world's oldest and most popular hobbies. The G scale locomotive, a large kind of locomotive, is gaining popularity as it is literally a big toy for a big boy.
Why are G scale trains so popular to hobbyists? G scale trains are popular for its large size (it is the largest of the most popular scales). The G scale is a part of the group of large scale trains which all run on a Number 1 gauge track (45 mm between rails). These model locomotives are calculated by the ratio of the toy train to a real train. The G scale locomotive boasts a ratio of 1:22 which means it is one twenty-second of the size of an actual train prototype. This means that it only takes 22 G scale locomotives lined up to match the prototype in length.
There are other popular types of large miniature trains. The O scale (still a part of the large train group) has a ratio of 1:48, lower than that of the G scale (actually half the size of the G scale). However, almost nothing can match the G scale locomotives in size. These locomotives are extremely large compared to regular toy trains.
G in the term G scale is believed to come from the term Garden Railroading. It can also be because of the German word groß. Groß literally means large which is appropriate in view of the fact that these models started out in Germany. These models are about 26.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in height.
The first G scale locomotive was pioneered by Ernst Paul Lehmann. Patentwerk, a German company, referred to as Lehmann Gross Bahn (Lehmann Big Train in English) was founded on this type of train. Patentwerk started out in 1881. The company then branched out to the USA where LGB of America was founded. Aristocraft and Bachmann are only some of the well-known manufacturers of G scales in America.
G scale locomotives are also perfect for children since small trains are not suitable for kids. These trains are easily broken due to their small size. With their small parts and potential choking hazards, these trains aren't kid's toys. The N scale is only about 4.8 inches in length and about 1.1 inches in height, thus making it a small train unfit for kid use.
G scale locomotives are recommended for outdoor types of hobbyists. Since G scale trains are very durable and are suitable for gardens. The G scale tracks are usually brass-made so these types of trains do not need to be maintained a lot. Sometimes, a solitary swab of clean cloth on the tracks is all you need to keep it clean. These big locomotives are popular in the market nowadays due to the fact that they are very durable, thus making them last for a long, long period of time and can be handed down to different generations.
The hobby of collecting miniature locomotives is a good way to release the inner child in you. Especially with the G scale model train, it is truly a big toy for the big boys.
James Stonebright is a model train enthusiast and loves collecting the different types of toy model train. For more great information on G Scale Model Trains [], visit [].

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